a body in space

Space is the positioned interrelationships of things as we perceive them. We are not in space, we inhabit space … Our bodies are the inside of our worlds, and our worlds are the outside of our bodies. F. Martin, The Anatomy of Sculpture, 1976.

Time, as a fourth dimension, is an integral component of all matter. Space makes up the first three and together they determine the parameters for the existence of all things.

Or do they? Heidegger, among others, tells us that permanence is an illusion and the only certainty is change. The location of a given body in space is a temporary phenomenon.

In essence, A BODY IN SPACE addresses the concept of this ‘virtual’ reality in a metaphysical sense. What we witness may seem real at the moment, but how can what we believe to be immutably part of the present, in the next instant be considered nothing but mnemonic phenomena of the recent past?

Raising questions concerning the nature of existence itself, A BODY IN SPACE presents an invitation to actively engage – both visually and intellectually – in a heterogeneous fusion of the static and the dynamic.