the realm of spatial irony is an ongoing project at desertpony . . . it has developed into a philosophy and approach to art that involves investigating beyond the formal attributes of an artwork and delving into the intrinsic values resident in that piece . . . the wealth of conceptual ancestry that germinates an idea and matures that idea into a full-blown entity . . . the action, reaction and interaction inherent in the process of viewing an artwork and its effect on the participating viewer as they experience the immersive process called 'art'.

desertpony operates in parallel and unison with Peter Dyson's visual art practice perpetuating crossovers and exchanges between the realms of practical design and conceptual realisation of ideas. Anchored by the philosophy of communication being the essence of all art, Peter strives to bridge that arc between artwork and viewer with a spark of an idea, and with that interaction, open an entire new realm of engagement. There is no such thing as aimlessness in art. There is always an intended communication of an idea, however slight or even unintended, from broadcaster to receiver, from artist to viewer. My fascination with installation art, in particular, lies in its ability to ignite a reaction from the viewer and perpetuate a tangential trail of ideas from that interactive – or immersive – process.

The video work of Peter Dyson

The concepts of ‘liveness’, presence, duration and the Real are central to the body of my work. My practice involves investigations into the perception and reception of the moving image within conscious and subconscious states, exploring the aesthetic, spatial and temporal boundaries of video and live transmission media, and focussing on the intersubjectivity and liminal agency within the performance of interactive spectatorship.